Luxury Feeling


Just as everybody, I have my own definition of happiness and I strongly tie it with high-quality life.

Nowadays there is the tendency to mix up a bit happiness with luxury life.

Even worst… we are often confusing luxury with commercial status symbols that medias are going to get it across to consumers.


Actually it is a weird syllogism because if happiness is reflected in luxury life, and if luxury life is just the sum of commercial status symbols, therefore happiness is the simple sum of commercial status symbols itself.

That’s what’s happening:  target (happiness) moving from the concept of ‘to be’ to the one of ‘to have’.

But if that were true, the target (happiness) can be reached just making money owning luxury goods, then why happiness doesn’t make people happy?

I have figured out people are unhappy because are not eating good quality food.

How does Food fit in?

I’m not going to say ‘eat pizza and be happy’… or quinoa salad and coconut oil, indeed.

Moving beyond, our body feeds on energy coming from this earth. The latter provides nutrients to nurture from inside – like vegetable, fish, meat, water (I’m not here to recommend any diet specifically) -, environments, to nurture from outside, and, last but not least, other human beings that nurture our mind, sensibility, emotions.

We are what we eat. So, let’s go for healthy food, positive environments, beautiful minds. The result will be a luxury and happy life with all that we deserve.

What has been said doesn’t aim to demonized material things but just to create awareness about choices.

Luxury, in this new approach, is awareness and seeking pleasure of the best in life.

Let’s see how…