‘This Will Be The Place’

Cassina, catalogue edited by Felix Burrichter, Rizzoli

Thoughts and photographs about future of interiors.

My first sharing is This Will Be The Place.

Books, like friends, should be well chosen.

They are simply able to drive your mind through the imagination’s journeys.

I love both handy size books, always with me above all when I travel, and catalogues, timeless home features.

In this case This Will Be The Place it’s Cassina’s story, crossing the horizon of the past, reminding Cassina masterpieces designed with GiĆ² Ponti, or Frank Lloyd Wright, and so forth; the present, mentioning all the current great designers, from Lissoni to Philippe Stark; and the future, where the question that come up is “What will be the place, the home concept, for Cassina?”.

This book features an ‘unusual conversation’ that lead the reader in the “what-comes-after-now” dimension.

Can’t miss.

“Space itself has become a liquid asset…

thus most new construction

adheres to the principles

of infinite flexibility.”



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