Louvre Abu Dhabi


See humanity in a new light.

The partnership between Abu Dhabi, Musée du Louvre and sixteen other France museums and institutional partners creates a new centre of cultural gravity, offering to the Arab world a global museum supported by French expertise. Few months back this amazing museum has opened its door to the public in Abu Dhabi.

From the outside, the 7,500 tonne latticed dome that sits atop the Louvre of Abu Dhabi appears to be floating. The metal structure draws a suggestive pattern comprising of 7,850 unique aluminium stars  and producing the much-cited “rain of light”, which dapples down to the 55 gleaming white buildings below it, in an architectural masterpiece.

Designed by Jean Nouvel, it is the first piece of art that a visitor to the museum encounters, and it is little short of breathtaking.

Inside the building, the contents and curation are just as impressive, telling the universal spirit. Its galleries offer visitors a vast historical picture of the devlopment of the Humanity, from the beginning to the present globalization time, comparing different geographies to underline thr common aspects of the human experience and sensibility.

It is for these reasons that Louvre Abu Dhabi is being lauded as the world’s first universal museum: walking through the gallery halls and seeing objects of art from different cultural origins in the same space serves to create a global narrative. It is at the same time an artistic and human journey.




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